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Our Mission and Values

Our Mission and Values:

Food FWD’s mission is to make food waste diversion the easiest and most economical choice for the Triangle food service industry.

Food FWD values:FoodFWD Mission & Values

  • Sustainability – Only a service, product, or policy that adds value to people, the planet, and profit will be adopted
  • Quality – Sacrifices in service, customer relationships, employment or environment will not be made in order to make an extra profit
  • Simplicity – Providing services that are easy and efficient to implement for both our team members and our partners
  • Stewardship – Protecting and promoting the environment’s robust health, nurturing people in our sphere of influence to achieve their dreams, and leveraging resources for those purposes
  • Restorative Relationships – Maintaining customer, employee, and environmental relationships that are personally and professionally uplifting based on mutual benefit, unconditional positive regard, honesty, and integrity
  • Transparent Equality – Customers and employees can verify we are upholding fair and honest customer relations and services as well as employment policies that affirm the worth of the individual
  • Balanced Lives – Holding equal the needs of financial stability, environmental harmony, and personal wellbeing for our employees and partners