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Our People

Our People:

Noah MarshNoah – Founder
My hopes of reducing my waste bill and wasted food in my commercial kitchen led to the birth of Food FWD. I first came up with the idea in the spring of 2012. After attending conferences, visiting and talking with other food waste diversion programs around the country, and talking with composting facilities, I started Food FWD in the fall of 2013. When not spending my time working on Food FWD I enjoy spending time with my wife and 2 dogs going on hikes, trips to the mountains and beach, and watching Big Bang Theory.


Sarah MarshSarah – Co-Founder
My Masters Degree in Social Work from University of North Carolina Chapel Hill inspired me to start my own business that provides jobs and other opportunities for persons from disadvantaged backgrounds. I took what I learned in the classroom about social entrepreneurship to the real world when I worked with my husband Noah to develop Food FWD. I provide occasional administrative support and vision to Food FWD while maintaining my position at UNC’s school of social work.