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Compost at Home: Resources

COMPOST AT HOME: RESOURCES Since we launched our residential drop off program in partnership with Durham Central Park on Earth Day I have had several people ask me about what they can or cannot compost at home. In honor of International Compost Awareness Week I decided I ought to

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Healthy Soils = Healthy Food

Healthy food means nutrient rich food grown naturally. Healthy food tastes good and is good for you. Healthy food doesn’t mean chemicals. Unfortunately today most food is grown with an exorbitant amount of chemicals being used to facilitate plant growth when it otherwise wouldn’t be possible. Fields

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Why did I quit my job and buy a garbage truck?

I worked in the restaurant industry for six and a half years. I started working my way through front-of-house positions like server, quality assurance, bartender, and trainer. I took on the role of my restaurant’s training captain. Then I oversaw the training of seven restaurants. Next I

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