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Healthy Soils = Healthy Food

International Compost Awareness Week Winning Poster

Healthy food means nutrient rich food grown naturally. Healthy food tastes good and is good for you. Healthy food doesn’t mean chemicals.

Unfortunately today most food is grown with an exorbitant amount of chemicals being used to facilitate plant growth when it otherwise wouldn’t be possible. Fields are over-farmed (all the nutrients have been used to grow crops previously) so chemicals are added to provide the nutrients plants need to grow. Another consequence of over-farming is that the soils in fields become hard and compacted as heavy machinery drives over them season after season.

Compost provides a better, healthier way to grow food. Rather than spreading chemical fertilizers on the surface of the food and fields, compost puts nutrients back into the soil and makes the nutrients more readily available for the plants to use. Compost creates a better environment for the plants’ roots to grow, allows soils to retain nutrients longer, improves soils moisture/water retention so farmers don’t need to water as frequently, and supplies microorganisms beneficial for plant growth (more benefits can be found at Compost Foundation’s Fact Sheet).

This year when you go to grow or plant be sure to pick up a bag of compost instead of a bottle of chemicals. Your health will thank you.

To Life.

(The 2017 International Compost Awareness Week (May 7-13) is a time to spread the news about how compost is essential for us to grow healthy food. This year’s promotional poster design was selected from over 200 entries and was designed by Ursula Gutowski, a graphic designer from Niles, IL–not too far from my hometown of Crystal Lake, IL – way to represent!)

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