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Products & Services

Products & Services

If you serve food at your business or event, we can help you compost it! Check out our food waste diversion offerings for composting at your business and composting at special events.

We also distribute  sustainable and compostable single-use items like cups, plates, utensils, take out boxes, and other products for people looking to use earth-friendly items. If you are looking to compost at your business or special event compostable serviceware makes the process easy by eliminating the need for sorting.

When you combine our compostable serviceware with our food waste diversion program it makes composting easy!

(Not a business? That’s okay, we offer a residential compost drop off program to make it easy for you to compost too!)

Here are some of the ways Food FWD makes business’s compostable serviceware and food waste diversion program easy and economical by helping you save time and money:truck_placeholder

  • Food FWD’s diversion program can save customers money on waste removal services. Food waste composes up to 70% of a typical restaurant’s waste stream. By diverting this from landfills you can reduce your dumpster size and the number of pick-ups for regular waste removal.
  • Food FWD’s diversion tracking helps identify areas for reduced food costs. By separating food waste in various stages, from production to consumption, you can see how much food (and the money you paid for that food!) is being wasted. Food FWD’s diversion tracking is the first step in identifying how this valuable resource, food, is being wasted so you can determine how to be a better steward of it!
  • Food FWD’s diversion program helps businesses reduce their environmental impact. Each ton of food waste diverted by Food FWD eliminates the greenhouse gas equivalent of 13 trees growing for 10 years!
  • Food FWD operates according to a triple-bottom line philosophy. By choosing Food FWD you help us provide jobs to historically disenfranchised and hard to employ peoples as well as supporting local businesses and charities who support these individuals.
  • Food FWD’s waste diversion pricing provides a business protection from increasing landfill costs. In North Carolina, the cost to landfill waste has increased 32% over the last 9 years. This trend of increasing waste disposal cost is expected to continue into the future. Food FWD’s diversion is not subject to the same increasing costs since it is not dependent on shrinking landfill space or landfills being located farther and farther from metropolitan areas.
  • Food FWD’s lined, wheeled collection carts reduce potential back injuries. No one has to lift or change heavy bags filled with food waste from a collection vessel to pick-up container – the same cart is used for collection and pick up!
  • Food FWD’s compostable serviceware eliminates doubt as to what can go into the collection carts. Anything we sell and distribute can go into our collection carts and be composted, eliminating the need to find another vendor.
  • Food FWD’s lined collection carts reduce odors and pests. When the cart is not in use, you can trap all the odors inside by shutting shut the lid. Once the cart is full, you can further seal in odors by tying off the bag if desired! This double containment system also prevents pests from scavenging through the food waste.
  • Food FWD’s lined collection carts eliminate messy dumpsters. Food waste is the heaviest, wettest component of waste. By collecting the waste in the same container it is picked up in, you no longer have trash bags breaking or spilling while transferring them from the trash can to a dumpster.
  • Food FWD provides its customers with materials to promote their environmental stewardship. Food FWD will provide you materials to inform your patrons of their food waste diversion efforts like window clings, tip tray inserts, check presenter inserts, pens, and togo bag stuffers.