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Compostable Serviceware

Compostable Serviceware: Utensils, Plates, Bowls, Cups, Clamshells, Deli Containers, Takeout Supplies


BPI Certified compostable serviceware remove any doubt as to what can and cannot be composted. Designed and tested in commercial composting facilities, BPI Certified compostable serviceware does not need to be separated from food waste. It can go straight into Food FWD’s collection cart!

Purchasing compostable serviceware through Food FWD can:

  • Save you money vs. buying online through other websites like Amazon
  • Free delivery within the Raleigh-Durham area
  • Know with 100% confidence you are using materials that can be composted
  • Reduce stress by eliminating the need to sort out non-compostable materials
  • Simplify the purchasing process by not needing to find another supplier

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