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Food Waste Separation Training for Staff

Organics/Food Waste Separation Training for Staff:

The most important part of food waste diversion is providing composting facilities with a feedstock free of non-organic contaminants. In order to help make this possible, Food FWD trains each customer’s team members and staff on what can be placed in Food FWD’s collection carts, what happens to the food waste we collect, and why food waste diversion is important for the long term health of the environment, people, and the economy.

Organic Waste infographicTraining is done on site at the customer’s business, with the carts that will be used, at a time convenient for the business. Training is expected to take 30 minutes of direct instruction.  Food FWD then provides up to four hours of shift observation, while business is running to help coach employees, trouble-shoot any obstacles that arise, and answer questions.

Food FWD will return, if needed, to train additional team members and staff, or in the event of continuing issues with contaminated loads from the location.