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Weekly Food Waste Collection

Weekly Food Waste Collection:

Weekly Food Waste Collection

Food FWD’s mission is to make the food waste diversion process easy and economical for businesses. Therefore, Food FWD works with all types of customers to determine the best process for their needs.


You may have just found out that America throws more food into the landfill than anything else every year and want to do something about it but don’t know where to start. Food FWD is here to help you.

If you don’t know where to start Food FWD can help you figure out how much food you are throwing away and how best to separate it for composting. Food FWD can also help you develop a comprehensive diversion program with collection bins, signage, and staff training. Food FWD can also help you arrange or conduct a sample waste audit to set benchmarks to help set waste reduction goals.


Some customers already have a robust food waste diversion or composting programs in place and do not require a lot of assistance, signage, or bins. They simply are looking for someone to take the food and compostable material away for them. We are happy to help!


Some of our customers have also had composting programs in place, but have run into problems with contamination or decreased participation. Food FWD can help you troubleshoot any issues you may be having with your current food waste diversion program. Customers who have taken advantage of Food FWD’s troubleshooting suggestions have been able to eliminate contamination fees and continue composting.


Read more about composting at your special event.

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